Financing Your Business

Puddle: A New Way to Create An Online “Micro-Community Bank” Funded by Your “Friends”

What is a Puddle?

A puddle is a line of credit you can create quickly with your trusted friends. Pool money together towards a common goal and anyone can borrow the cash as needed.   You can start a new puddle or join an existing one. You set all the rules. We hope this model proves to be a popular and addictive way to share money and build trust amongst friends.

How Does A Puddle Work?

State Your Need

First, decide how much money you need and when. This kicks off your puddle with a clear goal for pooling your cash.

Invite Your Friends

Choose people you know and trust to help you reach your funding goal. You’ll trust them more after this.

Borrow What You Need

When your goal is met you can borrow the money and transfer it directly to your bank account.

Repay Monthly

Each month you’ll pay back part of the money you borrowed, plus a little interest that goes directly to your friends.


As money is paid back, money is available for anyone in the group whenever they need it!

Here’s a link to a great Forbe’s article introducing “Puddle:”